Thursday, July 3, 2014

Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant and getting ready to have the baby in a week, we had a scheduled induction you can read about it here, my husband was going to surprise me with an overnight bag I have wanted forever. I first saw Trophy Queen at a ROT Rally and bought one of her wallets. It is vinyl and glitters, um yes please! I found out she made bags and some lucky moms actually use them for diaper bags. Years later, a week after we had Delilah, there was a knock and a package for me, my own Trophy Queen bag! Ahhhhhh!

He initially planned on it being my hospital bag, but she hand makes everything and the custom order took a little longer than he expected, no worries and totally worth the wait! My sister had given me a cute diaper bag that I have been using for a year now, but I have decided it is time to make the switch! I was using the Trophy Queen as an overnight bag but now I am using my old diaper bag for that and the Trophy Queen as the diaper bag. It has been working out great and I love it. There is enough space for anything and the pockets hold all of Delilah's odds and ends. We even have space to spare! 

You can customize these bags however you want, she has a list os swatches on her website, but get ready, I was never able to choose what I wanted. I am really glad Byron went with the Seafoam green, its perfect. And, yes, that is cheetah print on the inside ;)

On a normal day, this is what we have in the diaper bag:

1. Changing Pad: I am using the one from my original bag.
2. Extra set of clothes : I am on the market for a wet bag, I will update this as soon as I find one to my liking.
3. "Fuzz" Blanket - This is not pictured, but we do not go anywhere without Delilah's fuzz, she is currently napping, but it always lays on top of the bag.
4. Wallets: Yes, I have 2, one is a wristlet I can quickly take out if need be, it has all my essentials, and I have one for insurance cards, coupons, things I do not use on a regular basis.
5. Wipes: I have the generic Pampers case, but I have had my eye on this.
6. Diapers: I usually have about 5 and now that it is summer, I have 1 swim diaper, too. You never know!
7. Teething/Chew Toy: We have this and this.
8. Diaper Rash Cream, Lotion, Sun Screen, and my handy dandy Triple Nipple Cream
9. Hand Sanitizer
10. Lip Balm: this is my favorite.
11. Tide to Go pen
12. Alcohol Wipes: When we eat out I always wipe the corner of the table Delilah is going to eat on, I don't even mess with a plate and I always forget the table covers.
13. Disposable Bibs
14. Sippy Cup: We are in Texas and it is hot, so I always have a zippy cup with water. The Nuby straw cups are my favorite, no lid, minimal parts, and they do not leak. We have 3. Win. I also label everything with one of Delilah's name labels, just in case ;)
15. Boogie Wipes: These things are great!
16. Ibuprofen: Sometimes you get headaches and it is good to be prepared.
17. First Aid Kit: You never know, this is what we have.
18. Extra Blanket: We were caught in a down pour one day, sans umbrella, and we put the blanket over our heads and ran to the car! If you have extra aden + anais blankets laying around, they are perfect. 

And that is it! Our diaper bag!

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