Saturday, July 12, 2014

"D" is for Delilah

I wanted a small "D" for Delilah's room so you better bet I made one today! She was very excited about it as well, she kept pointing at it and smiling. I am no seamstress but I am happy with the results and it fits perfectly right where I wanted it!

Google+ just added some really neat editing tools, loving it!

Like I mentioned before, I always have extra craft stuff laying around, it is tucked away in an organized mess in the corner of the guest bedroom. I have a ton of fabric left over from Delilah's bird mobile, so I decided to use some of that. I also have filling that I have used for various crochet projects, dino lovey, miniture dragons, and stuffed fish ;), I think I will go get some batting though, I think it would have made this particular project a little easier. Regardless, it took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Start with a square about 4 x 4 inches. Get decorative scissors and cut your desired letter. Mine was a "D".

To cut out the middle, I folded the D in half and cut for the thickness I wanted.

It is time to sew!

Start sewing the middle first, I tried doing the outside first and that did not work out so well. After the middle is sewn, start sewing the outside but do it in steps that way you can stuff as you go. I use a paintbrush to help me push in the fluff.

The contrasting color, though was what I wanted, made for you to see every little mistake that I made, maybe a neutral thread would be better next time!

All done!

I will try to get back into crocheting, you can make such cute things. I really love doing it but it is just a little more time consuming and time is a lost thing around here ;)

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