Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I don't Have Rainbows Coming out of my...

Holy Cow. April has proved itself to be a crazy month and I have apparently not yet figured out how to manage my time very well...

blog or feed baby? 

Baby won.

We have had company, STAAR testing, I started a 2 times a week yoga class, and I got sick. A virus of sorts, which basically means feel-like-crap-until-you-feel-better-and-no-medicine-for-you. Yep, this time it was me and not the little babe. Fingers crossed that her well streak continues ;)

We also transitioned Delilah into a big girl bed. I am still trying to figure out bedding and what not, as soon as I get everything together (I am laughing as I type that) I will post pictures. She has been sleeping pretty well in it, a shit load better than how she was sleeping in her crib, that much I do know! We have chalked the new bed up as a win!

As I am typing this, Byron is in her room trying to put her down for nightnight. This week she has been all about Dad and has not wanted anything to do with me. I am finding myself confused and awarded with 30 60 extra minutes to myself. Weird.

The guys went on a trip to the country for the weekend and I was able to catch up with a dear friend of mine. We talked babies, husbands, the usual. We had a great time and I wish they didn't have to go back home to be honest! We were talking about this blog and other little tid bits and we decided that people need to know that not every day is perfect. That there is some sort of struggle each and every mom faces on a daily basis. And even the most put together looking mom, has days where she is about to lose her shit. Sometimes I think all of the Instagram filters and VSCO cams can make life look a little too perfect and make others feel like they are not good enough or haven't done enough with their families. 

I am here to tell you, I don't have rainbows coming out of my you know what, and I don't think anyone does for that matter. Even though sometimes, it really does seem like it.

You know when you are looking for a new hair do, and you have pinned about 59 different hairstyles and once you finally decided to pick one and do it, you love it for a minute then look back at the picture and think, "Well it doesn't really look like the picture."? I have realized that the majority of the time, those people have hair extensions, and a team of people, and that took hours to do their hair.  

Also, it is a Victoria Secret's models job to have a body like that. Like how most people have a copy machine, ball point pen, and computer to do their jobs, those models have trainers, chefs, and nutritionists to do theirs. (That was not really related to this post or blog, but I really felt the need to say it. I feel better. Thank you.)

I guess the point of this post is to remind myself that it is ok to be me. Ok to have meltdowns in the middle of an Old Navy parking lot. Ok that I lost my temper when Delilah started to do leg lifts while I was changing her diaper. Ok that we got chicken again from Chickfila for dinner. Ok that my hair turned out nothing like the picture. 

It is ok that I don't have rainbows coming out of my ass.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Weekend

Holy Cow. It is already Wednesday. And Wednesday is almost over!

A little late, but regardless, here is a look at our weekend!

It was pretty low key, which I cannot complain about. We ran errands on Saturday and Sunday was full of getting in the way hanging out while Byron was working on his car. Byron  has had a 68 Chevelle since we have been together. In fact, we took that very car for our first date. I have always had a thing with old cars, I always dreamed of having a 69 Mustang convertible. The Chevelle will have to do ;)

Well, he has decided to sell it for a number of different reasons, so he has been spending a lot of time getting it ready to sell. It would not surprise me if he ended up keeping it, especially after this Sunday when we were all hanging out in there having a Frozen sing along ;)

Which leads me to my other topic. Delilah hasn't even sat through that movie once. She has seen bits and pieces, but never really watched it. She was straight up singing "Let it Go" the other day. How on Earth did that song seep into my life? I mean, it is catchy, but that is the problem. Once it enters, it never goes away. 

Needless to say, "Let it Go" is the new "All About that Bass" over here.

Delilah has reached new levels when it comes to her comfort items. "Bookie" and "Mulk" are seriously never not with her. 

(Her blanket and milk)

I am pretty sure that if there is a 21 month sleep regression, it is happening at our house. Delilah for a couple months was so easy to put to sleep. Nope. Not any more. I have actually caved in and let her sleep with us, after crying and standing in her crib for what seems like

Hopefully, this will only last a little while. Hopefully.

And finally, Delilah this morning chowing down on her Happy Family #LoveMyVeggies pouch. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. I am guessing her big smile is from the fact that she knows she has already had one of her servings of veggies for the day, and it wasn't even 8:00 am ;)

I hope you all have a great rest of the week! It is Spring time in Texas, so that means swinging and trying to kill as many bugs as I'd like to admit I have in my house, as I can. We are going to get our spray on and kill those bugs dead this weekend. I try and coexist as much as possible, but this has gotten out of hand. So if you see a crazy lady running out of the house swinging her hands in the air, it means the bugs won. 

If you have any tips or tricks to keep bugs out, do tell! We are at war over here!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

All You Need is Love

As I sit and reflect on life, as you can see I do this a lot, I feel like I can sometimes let the bad outweigh the good. Motherhood is something I don't think you can ever really prepare for and can sometimes be so damn difficult. But holy cow, those difficult days are nothing in comparison to the happiness and love that can fill my heart in an instant. I am so lucky and so damn amazed that Delilah is in our lives. She gives us headaches, sleepless nights, short tempers, laughter, love, and light.

Oh how I love her so.

I love when she wakes up in the morning. So happy.

I love when she is having a tough night and I bring her into our bed and she wants nothing more than to cuddle and lay across my chest.

I love the sweet, slobbery kisses.

I love hearing her laugh.

She is such a mess sometimes, but a lovable, cute mess.

I am feeling the love today, that is all.

All you need is love.

And diapers.

And food. 

And water.

And beer. Or wine. Or some other fun, festive drink.

And each other. 

We all need each other. 


p.s. funniest moment of the week is Delilah telling me to "walk away" when I am doing something she doesn't like. (Putting on a shirt, taking off her shirt, trying to help her do something, etc.)

Love that.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Joys of Eating in Toddlerland & Giveaway **closed**

From the moment Delilah was born, I was so excited to feed her new foods, see what she liked, didn't like. I am sure at one point I thought to myself, My child will never eat anything out of a box, yadda yadda yadda.

Silly me.

This is Delilah's "That is not what I wanted and I am not happy about this" face.

Yes. Yes, that is my child eating a tomato with a ridiculously huge smile on her face.

I totally took it upon myself to go down memory lane and post pictures of Delilah when she was tiny. 

When Delilah was first trying foods, it was great! She was curious and excited and willing to try anything. And then IT happened.

No carrots, no sweet potatoes, no potatoes of any kind for that matter, chicken only if it's shredded, no ground meat of any kind, no eggs. If something looks funny, nope. Has the wrong seasonings on it, nope. If the sun is shining outside or it's Wednesday, nope. 

Her eating habits change on a daily basis, what she likes one day will change and she will literally turn her head away the next day. I am sure you all have been there ;) These times tend to happen with vegetables more often than not, and in a desperate attempt to get my child to eat something, anything, I bring out the mac & cheese, or chex mix, or something I'm sure I said in the past that I would never give her. 

In comes pouches. The wondrous pouch. You can travel with it, she can feed her self with it, and if you are lucky, find a one of a kind, finger painting on the table if you leave her alone with it ;)

We started using Happy Family pouches from the beginning. Chick Chick was Delilah's favorite! Really, their entire line of baby/toddler food is great, I may or may not have at one point snacked on some of their food when Delilah wasn't around. I am excited to announce that Happy Family has come out with 3 different pouches, all of them have 1 entire serving of vegetables (1 full serving is 1/4 cup), the first of it's kind! Goodbye worrying about the fact that my child hasn't eaten anything worthy of calling food and Hello to knowing she has had at least one full serving of vegetables when she sucks down a pouch! 

Happy Family has teamed up with Target to offer the Made to Matter - handpicked by Target collection. They have made Love My Veggies exclusively for Target and it will be available for you to try and love April 13th (4-pack for $5.89)! Love My Veggies are organic and provide essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium to help nourish your toddler's growing body.  

Take a look at this link for more information on Happy Family's Love My Veggies website page. 

Here are some dinner and lunch ideas, a way for you to try and have the most balanced meal for your itty bitty.

Love My Veggies pouches are available in three delicious varieties including: banana, beet, squash & blueberry; carrot, banana, mango & sweet potato; spinach, apple, sweet potato & kiwi. 

The banana, beet, and squash mix has been our go-to breakfast during the week for school. By the time we usually pull up to the parking lot, Delilah has finished the pouch and is ready to go ;)

I mean, you need all the energy in the world to be this cute ;)

I packed Delilah the carrot, banana, mango, & sweet potato pouch for her school lunch, along with mac & cheese, turkey, and an orange. Super easy. Super happy.

Dinner one evening: Chicken breast, pasta salad, and the spinach, apple, sweet potato & kiwi pouch. 

Happy Family is offering you a chance to try their new Love My Veggie line. In order to be entered for a chance to win, subscribe to this blog and leave a comment about your favorite veggie recipe for your Itty Bitty. Winner will be announced Monday!

Trying to get your Itty Bitty to eat can be oh, so tiring ;)

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Love My Veggies, all thoughts, opinions, and fingerpaintings are our own. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter x3

To my delight, we were able to celebrate Easter 3 times this year. This is one of my favorite holidays due to the fact that:

1. There are no obligations.
2. Spring time is a wonderful time.
3. I love colors. All colors. And it makes me oh so happy to see color everywhere.

We had a whirl wind of a weekend, driving everyday but it was so worth it. Delilah had such a good time with all of her cousins and played and played and played.

Easter was started off with her school party. They had a picnic and Easter egg hunt. When I came to pick her up, she immediately went towards her cubby and wanted to see all of her loot. So stinkin cute!

I told her to say cheese, she responded with an unamused "no!".

This is her "don't even think about taking these away, they're mine" look.

Friday we drove into La Grange, where Byron's parents live. She got to play with her 4 cousins, see baby ducks, and wear her new favorite accessory, the cowboy hat.

It was all fun and games until she tried squeezing the duck to death. 

Saturday, we continued on to Houston, where my parents live. We decorated eggs, cookies, and had an Easter egg hunt. 

Delilah did more eating than decorating, but hey, she had a good time ;)

My masterpiece.

Finally Sunday! The Easter bunny came, Delilah slept until 10 am, and we had an amazing brunch!

She loved those green shoes, so much in fact, she didn't take them off and they became part of her Easter outfit!

I think this was the best Holiday yet, it couldn't have gone any smoother, Delilah had so much fun, and spending time with family was just what I needed. 

Delilah's next big day is her birthday, only 4 months away! Eek! Time to start planning and figuring out how to celebrate this wild child turning two!

I hope you all have a great week!