Saturday, April 11, 2015

All You Need is Love

As I sit and reflect on life, as you can see I do this a lot, I feel like I can sometimes let the bad outweigh the good. Motherhood is something I don't think you can ever really prepare for and can sometimes be so damn difficult. But holy cow, those difficult days are nothing in comparison to the happiness and love that can fill my heart in an instant. I am so lucky and so damn amazed that Delilah is in our lives. She gives us headaches, sleepless nights, short tempers, laughter, love, and light.

Oh how I love her so.

I love when she wakes up in the morning. So happy.

I love when she is having a tough night and I bring her into our bed and she wants nothing more than to cuddle and lay across my chest.

I love the sweet, slobbery kisses.

I love hearing her laugh.

She is such a mess sometimes, but a lovable, cute mess.

I am feeling the love today, that is all.

All you need is love.

And diapers.

And food. 

And water.

And beer. Or wine. Or some other fun, festive drink.

And each other. 

We all need each other. 


p.s. funniest moment of the week is Delilah telling me to "walk away" when I am doing something she doesn't like. (Putting on a shirt, taking off her shirt, trying to help her do something, etc.)

Love that.

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