Thursday, July 31, 2014

Smells like Vicks

I am starting to wonder if Delilah is going to associate the smell of Vicks Vapor Rub with having a cold and not feeling good. This cold will just not seem to go away, so for the past 3 days, I have been putting Vicks on her feet then putting socks on her. 

At this point, I am so desperate for her to feel better, I would dance around like a monkey if you told me it would help. 

Of course, I put away all of her socks exempt for two pair, due to the fact that she has outgrown them and its summer in Texas. So this has been happening for the past few days:

Sometimes, I can not even get over how cute she is. Looks like we are having a fancy sock party this morning, thanks to the cold that will never end and Vicks Vapor Rub.

Sick cuddle time, Delilah on her phone and Momma on her's. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Favorite Places: Target

Being a stay at home mom means times when you feel like you are going to go crazy and start talking to the stuffed animals if you stay in the house for another minute. These posts are going to be places we go, when the going gets tough, or when this calendar has something fun we can do for the morning. We try to stay busy and keep it local, gas prices can be a son of a gun, and for the most part try to keep it free, but there are times when splurging is ok and needed!

Target. I officially know where everything is, what new items they have, and could navigate this store with my eyes closed. We have one about 5 minutes down the street, which means trouble. They recently changed it to a Super Target, so that also means I can get last minute dinner ingredients there as well!

It all started when Delilah was born, I went from working and being ridiculously busy, to well a stay at home mom. I had to start getting out of the house, but Delilah was too little and I wasn't comfortable taking her to too many places. I needed to grab some groceries, diapers, a coffee, and where else better than Target? The stores are big, the carts are easy to navigate, and you don't have the normal hustle and bustle of a grocery store. I don't know about you, but as soon as I walk into HEB, something takes over me and I get into fast motion, get out of my way I need those bananas, I might accidentally elbow you in the head, frenzy. Having a newborn only adds to the stress level, so I opted for a slower paced store, that I could slowly walk around, and stop to adjust the baby without fear of getting ran into. I used this wrap when Delilah was a newborn and transitioned to this carrier when she reached the weight limit. I consider both essential for a new baby, it makes shopping a breeze!

I guess I want you mommas to know, there is nothing wrong with going to Target 6 out of 7 days a week and if you look closely, you might start seeing the same, familiar faces. This place was our saving grace when Delilah was super tiny, it is close to home, slow moving, and gives you all the space you need. Happy Shopping!

Delilah's first time sitting like a "big kid" in the cart! 

 Please note, I am not paid to review this store, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Things: Boon Highchair

Ahhhh the Boon highchair! It's been a year with this thing and I can say it is the best. If you didn't hear me, I will say it again. It. Is. The. Best.

We have probably put 882 miles on this thing just from rolling it around, it has also turned into Delilah's favorite past time: rolling the high chair around. She thinks its hilarious. And I get an extra 10 minutes of throwing putting dinner together. Having wheels on this also make for an easy clean up. There is a handle on the top of the chair that makes pulling/pushing super easy. Just push it around and pick up all of the food particles my daughter so thoughtfully and eagerly threw on the ground. When messes get tough, we bring in our live hoover: Rebar, the family vacuum machine dog.

The entire highchair is made out of wipeable material, making, once again, clean up a breeze. It comes with two tray covers that are both dishwasher safe. There is a padding that comes out as well, and cleans up really nice. Although the chair itself is white, it has been wiped clean of the toughest foods: beets, the weird yellow color of meat pouches, dried jam, etc. 

At first, it looks a little odd, a little modern a little retro, but it is made that way for a reason. It fits perfectly at our dinner table, and when I am feeding her in the kitchen, I can raise the chair up so she sits a little higher. 

The Boon highchair also has safety straps, we however decided to take them off. That was our own doing, and I do not recommend taking them off unless you know you are going to be there ALL the time watching your baby. It was a personal preference for us, and has worked well.

The only feature on the entire highchair that I would want improved is the tray. Anytime someone comes over and wants to put Delilah in or take her out of the high chair, we have to have a mini lesson. It takes some time to get used to, but honestly once you have done it 1,342 times you will have the hang of it. Also, not sure if it is something I am doing wrong, but sometimes the handle to take the tray off sticks and I have to wrangle it a bit to loosen it up so that I can get the tray latched. Otherwise, no other issues!

We have used this item countless times and I look forward to her experiencing more food in this highchair. I would recommend this product to any new mom and would put up a good argument as to why I think a family should replace their own highchair to get the Boon.

The Boon Highchair is one of our Favorite Things!

Not just for food!

 Please note, I am not paid to review any of these items, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Weekend

Hey there Monday! It has been a little low key over here, it is funny how when the baby is acting crazy, you want her to just sit and cuddle and then when she is sick, you just want her to be running around, acting crazy again. 

I have literally been inside for 3 days straight, getting a little cramped. 

Delilah started running a fever Thursday and has not been feeling good since. That means a lot of extra holding, nursing, and sleepless nights. The doctor gave her some cough medicine, she has the equivalent of bronchitis, but the baby version and we are waiting to hear back for the strep test, which will hopefully be negative. We thought it was just her teeth, but I am now convinced that it not only is her teeth, but growing pains, a runny nose, and her cough. She has the most pitiful hoarse voice. 

We took it easy and tried getting her out in the water, which lasted about 2 minutes, enough time to get this picture. 

Then she started to drink the water, and it was crazy windy and way past her nap time, so right when shit started to hit the fan, we left!

I am updating her nursery right now, kinda turning it into a little girls room. I still have the rocker in there, which is where we spend all most of our time. As soon as she feels better, I am going to stick to it and stop nursing her to sleep. I think it will be better for everyone in the long run, it will just be tough to get through. I can do it! (Maybe if I say that enough, I will believe it and I really will stick with it!) 

I made Delilah a little reading nook and I am really excited about it, she already seems to love it! I have a problem with buying books, I can't seem to stop, so I will need another shelf here pretty soon! Especially once the next Amazon Prime order gets here. I am putting her favorites on the bottom where she can reach and grab them, and then hand them over to me to read for the 376th time. It really is cute, but I am really ready for Brown Bear to start seeing something else, you know what Im saying?

I get a little sad when I think about Delilah growing up so fast, but then that sadness is quickly replaced by excitement. I am so excited for her to learn new things and love the fact that she is so inquisitive about everything! 

Hopefully, this medicine will start kicking in and I will have my descructo baby back. A full night's sleep would be good too ;)

On a side note, I have ran into a giant, non motivated, stop me from being creative, food wall. I have hit it at full speed. I made chicken and rice the other night, and it could have literally been used as a weapon. It was done. I am not sure what is going on here, but hopefully I will find my cooking inspiration again and get back to working it. Anyone else ever fall into an 'is this even edible, should I feed it to my family' cooking rut?

I hope everyone has a really great week!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinky and the Brain

Maybe I am dating myself, but does anyone remember the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain? I am feeling a lot like that today, " Hey Brain, what are we doing today?", "Same thing we do everyday Pinky, try and take over the world!"

Well, I am not necessarily trying to take over the world, but I am trying to wrangle a walking baby and try to take over my life! We try and get through breakfast, because you never know if she is going to just decide to stop liking strawberries. 
Get through trying to get her down for a nap 3 times, after finally nursing her to sleep, something I said I was going to stop doing. 
Get through lunch, after realizing, "Shit! I don't have anything to feed you!". 
Get through the second nap, which may or may not happen, after at least 3 attempts, of yep you guessed it, nursing her to sleep, each time. 
Then getting through the dreaded 4:00pm- 6:00pm hours, is it me or are these 2 hours the toughest part of the day? Shit show, that's what it is and what I will now be calling that time. The Shit Show will now be beginning at 4:00 pm sharp, ladies and gentlemen!
Then figuring out dinner and then eating throwing the food that was so damn difficult to make, everywhere.
 Getting through bath time and then wrestling to get lotion and pjs on, not sure what in the hell has happened there, but Delilah has decided she will have no part in that. 
Then playing, winding down (yeah right), stuffing yogurt in her face to make sure she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night due to hunger, and then bed time. 
Read the same books we have read 584 times, and finally turn the light off, "night night light" and nurse her to sleep, which I have once again done even though I said I wasn't. 
Then after she is asleep, I just sit there like a wet cat who has just gotten a bath, 
"What in the hell just happened to me?".

Then, like everyone says to try and give you false hope, "Tomorrow is a new day...", is it? Is it really, people? 

And then the weekend comes, Byron says "So Sarah, what are we doing today?" And I, as nicely as possible, respond, "Figure it out, I'm sleeping."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ho Hums

I am not sure if it is the aftermath of such a great first birthday party, the fact that there is nothing else to plan, but I have been super ho yummy this weekend. Yes, that is a technical term. I have been so tired and walking around like I am missing something. Delilah is entering a new territory: throwing fits. This is taking a little getting used to, I was not ready to start disciplining, but I am now going to have to start. Pulling hair, hitting, and screaming when she can't do what she wants has started. I am not sure, and I honestly hadn't thought of what kind of discipline I wanted to do, so like everything else, Im going to wing it. I know consistency is the most important factor, so I will be mindful of that.

We had breakfast this morning with an old friend. A friend I have had since the 7th grade, and although we will always be friends, it is just different now. I have a baby and she does not. It is funny how, with that one sentence I put a mile between her and I, I don't do it on purpose, but it is there and a huge difference in our lives. I feel the need to apologize when Delilah is acting anything but perfect and so guilty when her mood stops us from a shopping trip. A shopping trip that used to be so carefree and easy. But it is not that way now and I find it so hard not to be jealous of her whimsical life, one I used to have. 

Of course, my life has all new whims, like poppy diapers, Delilah deciding to not sit at the table, and not knowing how many times we will get up in the middle of the night. I don't mean to make motherhood so negative, but I guess it is how I am feeling right now. I love Delilah more than anything, but I am feeling a little lost lately. I feel like I am losing myself to the redundancy of our daily routine. Forgetting how to be able to eat lunch and talk about current events, or the funny thing that happened last week. I couldn't even tell you what size pants I wear, because it has been that long since I have went out shopping for myself. 

I feel that my friends that I had before the baby have left me alone to wade through the uncertainty of motherhood. When, at a time in our friendships, they were there to talk me through a bad day or an argument I got in with Byron. I know my interests and activities are a little different now, but I am still the same person. 

Maybe that is the problem, maybe I am not the same person, and the common ground we once had has been replaced by my sweet daughter. Is there a way to keep our old friends, when our own life has made such a dramatic change? I have tried, I know that. But I am starting to think that there is no stopping the evolving life. The life that can change with a blink of an eye, or an extra pink line in my case. 

I have made new friends, and been lucky enough to have some old friends have babies with me. I still have those old friends, but it is just a little different and I guess at the end of the day, she still wanted to have lunch with the destructo baby and me, and that makes me happy. I just wish I was better at managing my time and able to see all the people I miss so much. Sometimes being a stay at home mom can be a little lonely and on the same hand traveling with a baby can be so unpredictable it is easier to stay at home, a double edged sword, if you will. 

I will leave my pity party now, it has just been one of those days where it seems like nothing is going right. 

On a brighter note, Delilah slept all night and I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep.  She is also getting really good at hugs and kissing, it makes my heart melt! She will come up to hug me and go, "ahhhh". It is so sweet! Sometimes she bites my shoulder, but that doesn't happen all the time ;)

I hope everyone is having a great day, we have so much to be thankful for. Life is a beautiful thing, even when it does not go exactly how you would like it to.

If you are having a ho hummy day too, here are a couple of pictures to cheer you up ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Delilah's First Year in Pictures

I still can't believe Delilah is one!

First Shots

First Halloween

First Christmas

First Valentine's Day

First taste of blueberries :)

First Easter

First time she was sick :(

First Shoes

First Fourth of July

Time flies when you have a baby, but I never realized how quickly it actually goes.