Monday, June 9, 2014

Favorite Things: 3 Sprouts Hamper

Technically it's a clothes hamper, but I use it as Delilah's toy hamper! 3 Sprouts makes it and I love it. After a day of running around like a mad woman, taking every toy with her around the house, scooting her xylophone across the living room, it is nice to have something to throw put away all of her toys. I try not to let baby stuff invade every room in the house, I said "try". I feel like this helps corral some of her toys and I love the little print. 

I love 3 Sprouts and all of their organizing products. We have the stroller organizer and love it. I knew I wanted something for the living room for her toys and as I was shopping around I found this hamper. The deer is what caught my attention, I looked and looked and the deer was only available on the hamper, not one of their storage boxes. I loved it so much I was going to make it work. And make it work we did! Every night, my husband dutifully picks up all of the toys the baby tornado flung across the house and places them into the deer. It is sturdy enough to hold and stand upright, but soft enough for Delilah to use as a small mountain to climb on top of. The top unfolds and produces handles, I did not think I would use, but we do. So, you can take and conveniently place anywhere you would like. I am really looking forward to when Delilah walks and can take her deer with her wherever she goes.

The little hole at the top is also perfect for when the hamper is in place, but you find that lonely lost toy in the corner of no man's land, and you just toss it in there. Or have an impromptu "who can make it into the basket" game. A little competition is always welcome at our house. 

Needless to say, although we do not use the hamper for it's intended use, it has found it's way into our daily routine and is something we would be sad to not have. It is a great product, it takes a beating for sure, and the deer is so stinkin cute, I don't mind having it sit in the living room.

It also holds a ton! 
3 Sprouts Hamper is one of our Favorite Things!

 Please note, I am not paid to review any of these items, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

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