Thursday, June 19, 2014

Favorite Things: Monkey Mat

Summer is here! And that means a ton of time outside! 

I was out shopping, at you guessed it, The Natural Baby Company, and saw this cloth-like, blanket-ish, mat that can fold into a tiny pouch, so you can take it everywhere! The beach, park, an impromptu picnic. I had to have it! The corners are weighted down so a little breeze won't pick it up and the material is perfect for when spills happen, you just wipe it up! I was looking for something like this for the beach or the lake, and am really glad I stumble upon this Monkey Mat.

We gave it a whirl at Pflugerville Lake. It is hardly a lake but a source of water close by and great for little ones because of a beach area they made. I would go there all the time pregnant to sit like a beached whale relax my feet and swim around a bit. Delilah was in awe at the water and was trying to eat the sand/pebbles, but other than that loved it! I am going to get her some swim diapers and we will be ready to go! I also am looking at this bathing suit. I love this company and their bloomers, Delilah has a few and we loooove them!

The Monkey Mat fits perfect in my center console in the Jeep and will stay there all season! It is perfect for on the go, it dries fast, and is big enough to fit the entire family! Clean up is a breeze too! I was actually able throw it in the washer to clean up the remnants of Cheeto fingers and watermelon stickiness! It has quickly turned into one of our favorite things!

Update: I will say that after a couple of trips to the lake, the Monkey Mat had a hard time staying down with the wind. This lake is always unusually windy, so we still use it for less windier places ;)

Please note, I am not paid to review any of these items, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

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