Monday, June 23, 2014

Let's Make a Birthday!

I have mentioned that if I can make it, I will make it. I really don't like spending money on things that with just a little effort and time, I can do myself. Thanks to google and being a stay at home momma, I am lucky to have both on my side. I usually start with an idea and then it morphs into what actually ends up being made. I am not too good at following directions, recipes, or basically anything with a definite path. I also work with what I have, I call it being resourceful :) 

I knew that I wanted to have some sort of theme for Delilah's first birthday. I went through about 235 ideas, "Life is but a Dream", pastel rainbow, to name a couple. I finally decided on Pink and Gold. In all honesty, do you want to know how that came to be? The fact that I had leftover pink tissue paper from my baby showers that someone, not myself, had saved. There just so happened to be three different shades of pink that I could use. So, I used it! I also am a firm believer in the fact that anything with glitter is better, and I had leftover glitter from the "D" in her nursery and also glitter from previous projects. I was going to be able to do everything without have to buy a lot! Score!

On a side note, there are things that I always have lying around. Glitter, modge podge, decorative tape, puff paint, and hemp yarn. With these staples in your arsenal, there is no stopping you!

I am on Hobby Lobby's mailing list and every two weeks or so, they email me a 40% off coupon. I always use a coupon when I need to get something. I was able to get a 2 inch circle punch for under $10!

So, I totally forgot to take pictures while I was making everything. Whoops. But if you want to know how to do any of this, comment what you would like to see and I will do a redo! I have had way too much fun with the decorations! Maybe even a little overboard, ha who am I kidding, you can never have too many decorations!

My husband did the invitations and I am so happy with them! Eek!

I can't believe this girl is going to be one year old! I can't even handle the cuteness ;)

I can't wait to see how every things looks once it is up! We are having a breakfast theme since her party is so early,  so excited!

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