Friday, June 20, 2014

The 3 B's

Delilah has been a bit of a handful the past week and we were worried about an ear infection. So, I went ahead and made a doctor appointment for her to rule that out. We grabbed some burritos and a taco from Chipotle, one of our favorite weekend spots and also got some baby proofing gear. (She has officially figured out how to open the cabinets.) All the while she fell asleep in the truck. When she woke up we were at the doctor's office and needless ay she woke up on the wrong side of the car seat. After some poking and looking around the doctor said her ears looked great, which was a relief, but she did say that she was definitely getting some top teeth so that could be why she has been tugging on her ears and explains her not so great moods and sleeping patterns. Hey, we can work with that!

Usually, when we are running errands I don't have to nurse her, since riding in the car will usually lull her to sleep and looking around keeps her pretty occupied. But after feeling a little scared from the doctors, I could tell that she wanted to nurse. We got home and I took her to her room and our rocking chair. After about 15 minutes we were done, Delilah sat up and started pointing at every decoration and toy in her room. When I brought her back in the living room, Byron started playing with her and said, "Whoa she is in a much better mood, I guess she needed one of the 3 B's." I looked at him like 'what in the hell are you talking about' and he was like, "You know, it was either boob, bottom, or bed." Yep. You are right, it was one of the 3 B's!

It is the weekend!! Yay!

Please excuse the blurriness of the pictures, my subject doesn't really stay still ;)

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