Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Sign Language

From when Delilah was old enough to start solids and when she could sit in her highchair, I started introducing sign language to her. I am pretty basic on my knowledge, I know the alphabet and a few signs, two of which "more" and "all done" I use with Delilah. I had envisioned my little baby sitting so neatly and quietly in her highchair, at the dinner table, letting me know she was all done instead of throwing food anywhere. That must have been a dream, Delilah does communicate that she is "all done" but that does not stop her from chunking her chicken and leftover ice cream sandwich everywhere. Oh well, it was a nice thought!

The first time I realized that she understood what "more" was, was when we were outside feeling the wind from a thunderstorm coming in. The wind really started picking up so I started to head towards the door, Delilah then put her two hands, fingers together, and signed "more". She wanted to stay outside longer! I was so proud of her at that moment and also proud of myself for sticking with it. I am, sadly, one of those people who like instant gratification and learning sign language is definitely something that takes a little time. 

I make sure, every time we are eating, anytime we are playing with her toys, to say "all done" or "more", also signing while I say it. It can feel a little redundant, and sometimes like you would be better off teaching the dog new signs, but trust me, repetition is key and they are paying attention. I am slowly starting to add more signs, milk is the next one and I might start "please" soon too. I want to make sure she really understands what she is trying to communicate. When she starts wailing food around the dining room, I stop her and say "all done?" and she waves around, so stinkin cute! And hilarious.


"All Done" in motion ;)

We have this book that is really cute and has all the baby lingo you would ever need. Really cute illustrations too ;)

If you are in or around the Austin Area, I strongly urge you to look up The Signing Connection. They have free story times, weekly classes, and great resources to start introducing sign language to your baby. Also, PBS has Singing Time! during the day that is really great too. 

I think that communication barriers cause a few of the meltdowns that our babies tend to have. If knowing just one or two words will help Delilah tell me what she wants or needs, we are good!

It's Hump day!

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