Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Things: Boon Highchair

Ahhhh the Boon highchair! It's been a year with this thing and I can say it is the best. If you didn't hear me, I will say it again. It. Is. The. Best.

We have probably put 882 miles on this thing just from rolling it around, it has also turned into Delilah's favorite past time: rolling the high chair around. She thinks its hilarious. And I get an extra 10 minutes of throwing putting dinner together. Having wheels on this also make for an easy clean up. There is a handle on the top of the chair that makes pulling/pushing super easy. Just push it around and pick up all of the food particles my daughter so thoughtfully and eagerly threw on the ground. When messes get tough, we bring in our live hoover: Rebar, the family vacuum machine dog.

The entire highchair is made out of wipeable material, making, once again, clean up a breeze. It comes with two tray covers that are both dishwasher safe. There is a padding that comes out as well, and cleans up really nice. Although the chair itself is white, it has been wiped clean of the toughest foods: beets, the weird yellow color of meat pouches, dried jam, etc. 

At first, it looks a little odd, a little modern a little retro, but it is made that way for a reason. It fits perfectly at our dinner table, and when I am feeding her in the kitchen, I can raise the chair up so she sits a little higher. 

The Boon highchair also has safety straps, we however decided to take them off. That was our own doing, and I do not recommend taking them off unless you know you are going to be there ALL the time watching your baby. It was a personal preference for us, and has worked well.

The only feature on the entire highchair that I would want improved is the tray. Anytime someone comes over and wants to put Delilah in or take her out of the high chair, we have to have a mini lesson. It takes some time to get used to, but honestly once you have done it 1,342 times you will have the hang of it. Also, not sure if it is something I am doing wrong, but sometimes the handle to take the tray off sticks and I have to wrangle it a bit to loosen it up so that I can get the tray latched. Otherwise, no other issues!

We have used this item countless times and I look forward to her experiencing more food in this highchair. I would recommend this product to any new mom and would put up a good argument as to why I think a family should replace their own highchair to get the Boon.

The Boon Highchair is one of our Favorite Things!

Not just for food!

 Please note, I am not paid to review any of these items, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

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