Monday, July 14, 2014

What to Wear

A typical day...

Hmm, I think I will wear something cute today.
Damn, I got coffee on my dress. Hello old stand by: cut off shirts and tank top.

I always wear my hair up or pulled back, I might wear it down today.
Delilah stop pulling momma's hair. Up it goes.

Ok, I will try to put my hair down, it's giving me a headache.
Damn, how do you get cottage cheese out of hair. Stays up all day.

Oh, I should wear those cute sandals today.
Delilah, wait, wait for mom. I can't get these stupid straps... it just.. won't.. where are my flip flops?

Maybe I should put on makeup today, it has been a while.
*I whirl around the house while Delilah is taking her one nap, trying to do each and everything I need to get done while she is sleeping, Im buzzing around like a fly trying to get out of a room. Annnnnnnnd she's awake. I will put on makeup tomorrow, for real.

Time for a semi-cute wardrobe change. Ok, just a new shirt. Dad is about to be home, I don't want him to see me looking like a mess.
Cheese puff fingers, really. Delilah momma just changed shirts. 

Dad's home!
"Sarah what is in your hair, is.. that.. a blueberry? Oh and you got something.. right.. there on your.. well there, is that milk?" No, it is reminiscent yogurt and thanks for pointing it out.

Baby is asleep! Yes! Im going to take a shower and put on some jams.
Byron says, "Oh are you, like, going to bed, you have your night shirt on and I think there is something on it, yeah something is crusty on your shoulder." 

Fuck it, Im going to bed.

Destructo Baby finally asleep, Momma soon to follow.

Have a great week everybody!

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