Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinky and the Brain

Maybe I am dating myself, but does anyone remember the cartoon, Pinky and the Brain? I am feeling a lot like that today, " Hey Brain, what are we doing today?", "Same thing we do everyday Pinky, try and take over the world!"

Well, I am not necessarily trying to take over the world, but I am trying to wrangle a walking baby and try to take over my life! We try and get through breakfast, because you never know if she is going to just decide to stop liking strawberries. 
Get through trying to get her down for a nap 3 times, after finally nursing her to sleep, something I said I was going to stop doing. 
Get through lunch, after realizing, "Shit! I don't have anything to feed you!". 
Get through the second nap, which may or may not happen, after at least 3 attempts, of yep you guessed it, nursing her to sleep, each time. 
Then getting through the dreaded 4:00pm- 6:00pm hours, is it me or are these 2 hours the toughest part of the day? Shit show, that's what it is and what I will now be calling that time. The Shit Show will now be beginning at 4:00 pm sharp, ladies and gentlemen!
Then figuring out dinner and then eating throwing the food that was so damn difficult to make, everywhere.
 Getting through bath time and then wrestling to get lotion and pjs on, not sure what in the hell has happened there, but Delilah has decided she will have no part in that. 
Then playing, winding down (yeah right), stuffing yogurt in her face to make sure she doesn't wake up in the middle of the night due to hunger, and then bed time. 
Read the same books we have read 584 times, and finally turn the light off, "night night light" and nurse her to sleep, which I have once again done even though I said I wasn't. 
Then after she is asleep, I just sit there like a wet cat who has just gotten a bath, 
"What in the hell just happened to me?".

Then, like everyone says to try and give you false hope, "Tomorrow is a new day...", is it? Is it really, people? 

And then the weekend comes, Byron says "So Sarah, what are we doing today?" And I, as nicely as possible, respond, "Figure it out, I'm sleeping."

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