Monday, July 7, 2014

Favorite Things: Apps for Baby

File this one on the "Things I said I would never do list". I want Delilah to be able to play without the help of electronics, to have a wild imagination, to be able to make a castle out of blocks. I never thought I would have looked for apps on my iPad that she would want to play with. However, these days everything is electronic and I think moderation is key. I don't let her play with my phone, but I broke down and bought this case, which is really just another teething toy, but it catches the brunt of destructo baby. Here are the apps that we use and she really likes. Sometimes I watch her play them, I honestly think she wishes she could jump in the iPad, it is pretty funny to watch. 

1. Duck Duck Moose  - We have 3 of their apps, they are cute and have familiar songs. They cost a small fortune as far as apps are concerned, but Delilah loves them. Sadly, my husband and I find ourselves singing the songs long after the iPad has been put up. Her favorite is Itsy Bitsy, the navigation is smooth and even after the story ends they put in more 'activities'. Old Mac and Bus are good too, I just wish they were similar to Itsy Bitsy in the fact that they don't flow as well. You have to push the arrows to keep the song going, so for a younger baby it gets stuck on a page and interest is lost. I like how in all of the apps you can change the voice or music of the song, and is some instances record your own voice. Very cute animation.

2. Fisher Price Shapes & Colors - This one, out of all of the other Fisher Price apps, is the only one I allow on the iPad. Due to the fact that I can not handle the giggles and noises the others make. Complete personal preference, but if I had to hear the giggling one more time, we would have been out a iPad. There are two different levels you can choose, Delilah prefers Level 2, cute songs and animations. 

3. Peekaboo Barn - I love this app and so does Delilah. This is not a free one, but worth the money. I am thinking about getting the other Peekaboo apps as well. She gets so excited when the barn doors open up, and I swear she tries to repeat the animal names. The donkey gets me every time, so funny! I would say this is a must if you want to open the world of apps up for your baby ;)

4. Baby UI - My mother in law found this one. It is a little weird and the noises that come from the iPad are a little strange, but anywhere you touch on the screen, images start circling around. Good idea, simple, and engaging. 

5. You Tube - We have stumbled upon Baby Einstein on you tube and Delilah loves it. I don't know what they do or how they do it, but she gets glued to these videos. I really limit her time with Baby Einstein and mostly use it if we have to go somewhere like, oh being at the car shop for 2 hours when it was only supposed to take 15 minutes. You know, times like that.

There you have it! My small list for our favorite apps! What apps do you and your family like?

Delilah playing the Fisher Price Shapes & Colors.

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