Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ABC Magnets

After I made this "D" for Delilah's room, I decided why not use up the rest of my scrap fabric and make magnets for the fridge.

I really wish I would have used batting for the middle, it would have made the letters a lot sturdier, but oh well! I am sure after we loose a few, I can redo them the way I should have in the beginning. ;)

Follow the same steps from her "D", only add the magnets on the opposite fabric, so when it sticks, the letter is facing the right way. I learned this the hard way, the Z turned into a S. This is also when I would add the batting in the middle as well. I would cut out the fabric and the batting at the same time, that way you know it will all fit together. Sew the two pieces of fabric together and you've got your self magnets. 

Delilah is loving them and I am finding them everywhere! They are a great distraction while I am cooking too! She gets so proud of herself when she gets them to stick.


Follow these steps for letters A-Z. I was able to cut them out freehand, but you can always trace the letters.  My size was roughly 3x3 inches.

If I was using the batting, I would have cut it out with the fabric.

Trim up the edges with your fancy edge scissors.

Is it Friday yet?

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