Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Delilah!!

Well, I blinked and a year went by and her birthday party is over. I have half floating balloons,  melted ice in coolers, and party decorations in a corner waiting to be put up, to remind me of the crazy weekend we had. 

I am sad to say, that I did not get too many pictures of the decorations and my husband was taking pictures of everyone having a great time, but that is ok, because Delilah had a blast.

We started the day off at a really great pool and donuts, lots of donuts. This pool was awesome for big kids and great for the itty bitty's, the adults even took over the slides. We could not stop going down the slides! After the pool, which I should add was freezing! Of course, the day we have a pool party for Delilah, it is 70 degrees in July, in Texas! Everyone came back to our house and we had BBQ, mac and cheese, baked beans, salads, and cake! I made Delilah a separate strawberry smash cake, and she loooooooved it! It was one of the best feelings, holding her cakes and singing "Happy Birthday", I actually had to stop singing because I was about to cry. I was so happy that we have such great people in our lives, that all love Delilah as much as we do. And hearing everyone sing to her just about did me in! 

It was such a joyous day and I kept catching myself staring off thinking about what we were doing this time last year. I know that another year is going to fly by and we will be celebrating her 2nd birthday. But for now, I am going to slow down and enjoy my little baby girl. I never thought I would love something as much as her, I never thought planning a party would feel as good as it did, and I never thought I would be capable of being as selfless as motherhood makes you. I did this all for Delilah and I am so happy with how it turned out. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Delilah Rose turns One...

We love you sweet girl!

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