Friday, April 10, 2015

The Joys of Eating in Toddlerland & Giveaway **closed**

From the moment Delilah was born, I was so excited to feed her new foods, see what she liked, didn't like. I am sure at one point I thought to myself, My child will never eat anything out of a box, yadda yadda yadda.

Silly me.

This is Delilah's "That is not what I wanted and I am not happy about this" face.

Yes. Yes, that is my child eating a tomato with a ridiculously huge smile on her face.

I totally took it upon myself to go down memory lane and post pictures of Delilah when she was tiny. 

When Delilah was first trying foods, it was great! She was curious and excited and willing to try anything. And then IT happened.

No carrots, no sweet potatoes, no potatoes of any kind for that matter, chicken only if it's shredded, no ground meat of any kind, no eggs. If something looks funny, nope. Has the wrong seasonings on it, nope. If the sun is shining outside or it's Wednesday, nope. 

Her eating habits change on a daily basis, what she likes one day will change and she will literally turn her head away the next day. I am sure you all have been there ;) These times tend to happen with vegetables more often than not, and in a desperate attempt to get my child to eat something, anything, I bring out the mac & cheese, or chex mix, or something I'm sure I said in the past that I would never give her. 

In comes pouches. The wondrous pouch. You can travel with it, she can feed her self with it, and if you are lucky, find a one of a kind, finger painting on the table if you leave her alone with it ;)

We started using Happy Family pouches from the beginning. Chick Chick was Delilah's favorite! Really, their entire line of baby/toddler food is great, I may or may not have at one point snacked on some of their food when Delilah wasn't around. I am excited to announce that Happy Family has come out with 3 different pouches, all of them have 1 entire serving of vegetables (1 full serving is 1/4 cup), the first of it's kind! Goodbye worrying about the fact that my child hasn't eaten anything worthy of calling food and Hello to knowing she has had at least one full serving of vegetables when she sucks down a pouch! 

Happy Family has teamed up with Target to offer the Made to Matter - handpicked by Target collection. They have made Love My Veggies exclusively for Target and it will be available for you to try and love April 13th (4-pack for $5.89)! Love My Veggies are organic and provide essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Magnesium to help nourish your toddler's growing body.  

Take a look at this link for more information on Happy Family's Love My Veggies website page. 

Here are some dinner and lunch ideas, a way for you to try and have the most balanced meal for your itty bitty.

Love My Veggies pouches are available in three delicious varieties including: banana, beet, squash & blueberry; carrot, banana, mango & sweet potato; spinach, apple, sweet potato & kiwi. 

The banana, beet, and squash mix has been our go-to breakfast during the week for school. By the time we usually pull up to the parking lot, Delilah has finished the pouch and is ready to go ;)

I mean, you need all the energy in the world to be this cute ;)

I packed Delilah the carrot, banana, mango, & sweet potato pouch for her school lunch, along with mac & cheese, turkey, and an orange. Super easy. Super happy.

Dinner one evening: Chicken breast, pasta salad, and the spinach, apple, sweet potato & kiwi pouch. 

Happy Family is offering you a chance to try their new Love My Veggie line. In order to be entered for a chance to win, subscribe to this blog and leave a comment about your favorite veggie recipe for your Itty Bitty. Winner will be announced Monday!

Trying to get your Itty Bitty to eat can be oh, so tiring ;)

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Love My Veggies, all thoughts, opinions, and fingerpaintings are our own. 


  1. My daughter loves lightly spiced cooked beans. The beans are cut into tiny bits and cooked with a little olive oil, salt and spices to taste. Easy for eat and healthy.

    1. That is a great idea, I will have to try it out. Delilah will eat beans, when she isn't throwing them on the floor!

  2. I subscribed to your blog! I like to make green smoothies with kale and strawberries and apple juice.

  3. Jack like carrots, but only because they're sweet :)

    1. Delilah has never like carrots, oh well ;)

    2. Audrey, you have won the giveaway!

      Please email with your information, address, name, the usual! Congratulations!

    3. I am sure my email would help ;)

  4. I don't have a recipe yet, but hope to learn soon.

  5. I don't have a recipe yet, but hope to learn soon.

  6. My tot loves apples and pears

    1. Yes! Delilah loves pears and calls apples "bapples".