Sunday, April 27, 2014

Worst. Cold. Ever.

This week I think I have literally had the worst cold of my life. I could really use a new head at this point. My ears, throat, nose, hair, everything hurts and is clogged up. 

I was using Baby Aquaphor because the tissue I was using was tearing up my nose. I decided to give Delilah's Boogie Wipes a whirl to see if they really do help.

What a difference! I am now a Boogie Wipe believer! I have been using the Boogie Mist as well and it is really working numbers too. 

Fingers crossed that Delilah doesn't get the cold, I am pretty sure though she is the one that gave it to me. She is finally clear of her ear infection, yay!

Fingers, toes, and arms crossed that my husband doesn't get it.

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