Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sh*t Happened - A post about Poop and Diaper Rash

We have been lucky enough to not have a tough time with diaper rash. Delilah has had a little redness but nothing to bad. I am not sure why it has gone this well, but I am not going tempt it. Lately, she has been a little more irritated, I am thinking the new food she is eating? Not sure. 

In case you are wondering, I have tried a ton of different diaper rash creams. The expensive ones, the popular ones, the you can use this anywhere ones. And I have to say, Aveeno, is by far my favorite.  I put it on her little bum a couple of times a day, but really slather it at night, since she will be in her diaper for a long time. I like the consistency and the fact that it is fragrance free. I wish the tube was a little softer, it makes getting the last of the cream out a little difficult, but that is our go to.

If I notice any change of color on her rear, I will immediately put breastmilk on her too. I think that has really helped.

Lately, I have been putting Vaseline on top of the Aveeno on top of the breastmilk. It might be overkill, but I really don't want her to get a diaper rash.

On to the story. She was looking a little red after a weekend of traveling, and in order to prevent a diaper rash, I will let her go around naked for a while. My husband has always flipped when he sees her like this, he still thinks her poo and pee like an adult's. Maybe I am just immune to that stuff now that I am a mom? Regardless, he has always said, "She's gonna poop one of these days and I'm not cleaning it up." Nah.

Well, yah. I was doing something in her room, and I heard, "Ooop, yeah, yep, Sarah, she's pooping. Sarah no, I need your help. No, I am serious. Yep. She pooped." I walk in there and he is holding her under her arms, pushed way out, and she just had this cute, innocent, lovable smile. One of my favorite things about being a mom, are moments like these, where I get to see my husband in these ridiculous situations with our baby. It makes me smile for days!

I look at the mess, and gratefully she pooped on the hardwood floor. However, our rug was not so lucky, she peed there. And yep, "Sarah! Why is is wet right here. Like, wet. Awwww." He also stepped in her pee. Ha. I cleaned it up, laughed, and cleaned, and laughed some more. I have heard of some pretty epic shit stories, maybe this is the first of many? In any case, it was pretty hilarious.

I will continue to let Delilah run around naked if that means she doesn't get a diaper rash, maybe we should get some of those little puppy mats.

Love these two!

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