Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

It seems as though any time I feel like we have a routine down, it suddenly changes, as quick as that bird poo landing on your shoulder, you never even see it coming! Wrong I tell you, wrong! I was that mom calmly obsessively searching for routines thinking there had to be one right for me and my little one. I drove myself crazy trying to stick to these schedules that were seemingly working perfect for other families. If Delilah was up for more than 3 hours I thought our world would explode. My life became staring at the clock, making my baby wait for food because it wasn't the right time, and the impossible task of making a baby, who isn't tired, sleep. I was miserable. 

So, I stopped. And viola! It just so happened that we slipped into our own little routine that worked for us! It is an evolving routine, but a routine nonetheless! There have been some minor….adjustments we can call them, along the way. We ended up having to let her cry it out a few nights, I will touch more on that in a later post, and this ear infection has really screwed things up, I'm also pretty sure she had a little stomach bug as well, and she is also cutting two more top teeth, so its been rough. But here is an example of our day :)

(As I mentioned earlier, our 'routine' is an evolving one, and this example includes the times I now pump. Delilah mostly drinks from a bottle during the day, otherwise the times I pump are roughly the times I would breastfeed her.)

5:00 - Breastfeed, she goes back to sleep
7:00 - Wakes up
7:30 - Breakfast, usually bananas and yogurt
9:30 - Bottle 3oz
10:00 - Nap
12:00 - Lunch, 1/2 meat pouch and fruit
1:30 - Bottle 3oz
2:00 - Nap
4:00 - Snack, puffs or yogurt melts
5:00 - Bottle 3oz
6:00 - Dinner, 1/2 meat pouch and fruit
7:00 - Bath time
7:30 - Breastfeed
8:00 - Asleep

These times vary anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Basically, if she is hungry I feed her and if she is tired I put her down. She is also changing how many bottles/breastfeeds she gets in a day, so give or take one or two :) She is also eating more off of my plate, so she usually gets some of what I am eating for lunch and dinner too. Clear as mud, right?

Really, the only reason I was able to get an idea of her schedule (I use that word extremely loosely), is because she was in day care for two weeks. In those two weeks, she took a bottle for the first time, she drank formula for the first time (I had to supplement for one day while I figured out pumping, 2 oz breast milk and 1 oz formula), and I was pumping for the first time. It was crazy, but we did it! Well, for two weeks ;)

I hope this was helpful!

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