Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Knock Around"

My husband and I have a term in our house we use for comfortable clothing that stays in our house. This item can be shorts, pants, a shirt, a dress, however it is not for public. Honestly, it is pretty much another term for pajamas. My mom has used this term for years and it has caught on over at our house.

Byron was going through some of his clothing, making a throw away pile, a keep pile, and a donation pile. He ran across this super soft, worn AC DC shirt. I decided I would take it in as my new "knock around" shirt. I just had to make a few minor adjustments :) And in the process, came across a new accessory for the babe!

Basically, lay the shirt out on a table, grab scissors and cut along the lines of the sleeve cuff and collar. There is no measuring, and if one side is a little uneven, it's alright!

That's it!

I just randomly decided to tie the 2 shirt cuff together and wouldn't you know, a headband happened! (I will give credit to Byron, who noticed the headband in the first place.)

There it is, two for the price of one!

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