Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Attempt at Ghee

I, by no means follow a Paleo diet. I do, however, try and limit the amount of processed food we eat. I try not to buy cans, boxes, or mixes. We have our fair share or Cheese and Shells, but for the most part I try to limit it. If it is something I can make, well I will make it. (I had a successful cream of mushroom remake, I will share later as well.)

I ran across a homemade ghee recipe through Nom Nom Paleo and it caught my attention. I love that website, it gives me dinner inspiration when I could not give a shit can't seem to think of what to cook. It didn't seem too difficult to make and I thought it would be something we would actually use. Vegatable oil is not the best and olive oil can get a little pricey as well as coconut oil. (I will have another post about coconut oil, which could quite possible be my favorite thing on this planet, I use it for just about everything. Everything.) 

Ghee has a very high cooking temperature, which is great for frying. And if I am successful at making a batch, I will use it for my everyday sautee/cooking purposes.

Here goes nothing…

Put butter in saucepan and melt over medium heat. I never stirred the butter, so no spoon. Once the butter has melted and starts to bubble, I reduced the heat to low. The recipe says it takes about 10 minutes of bubbling, but mine took a little longer, 20 minutes give or take. The butter goes through stages, it bubbles, foams, bubbles and then foams again.

(You can totally see the baby monitor in the first picture, its amazing what you can get done while they're napping!)

Once I started to see the edges brown, I called it a day and turned off the heat. Pour the ghee onto the cheesecloth into the bowl. In my case I used a large measuring cup. From there, pour into your container.

That's it! Tonight I cooked skillet potatoes in the ghee and it was delicious! I used about a tablespoon to fry them up and will definitely be using this recipe again!

I will be storing the ghee in the refrigerator. It will last about a month at room temperature, so I am figuring it will last at least that long, if not longer, in the fridge. I should probably look that up ;)

**The recipe call for grass fed butter, I could not find the time nor the energy to find the butter, so organic butter it is. I usually try to get all of my dairy organic, it can be pricey but it is something I am very picky about. 

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