Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Working Mom Routine

As I am typing this, I am considering going to get Delilah because it is 9:30 and she is now getting frustrated at the fact that: 
1. she is up 2 hours past her bedtime 
2. she can't get her socks back on 
3. she threw out "bookie" her blanket and can't get it back in the crib with her 

Just when you think you have the sleeping thing down, nope. Sike. I am sure sleep will be normal again. When Delilah is 22. 

I wanted to do a post on our new daily routine. It is a little bit different than the last one I did because Delilah is older and now I am working, and she is going to school. Our weekdays are pretty consistent. And our weekends are a little more relaxed. Though, we always do bath and books before bed. I have also, proudly, gotten over my weird, crazy nap obsession. If she naps, cool, if not, no big deal. 

Do you know how long it took me to relax about that? A very long time. I am no longer a crazy person. For the most part.

I am going to start with Sunday. 

Sunday: Do the normal Sunday, relax thing. After dinner, Byron will give her a bath and I start making lunches (Ideas for day care lunches here). I get her milk ready to go and pack her bag. I make sure extra diapers are in her back pack, roll up her nap map and nap time blanket, get her morning car ride snack ready, usually just cereal, fill up her water cup, and get anything she was out of at daycare in the bag. 

Here is the important part. I am a iced coffee drinker, always have been, always will be. I brew myself a cup of coffee in my trusty mason jar, put 2 teaspoons of sugar, stir it up, and put it in the fridge. That way the coffee is waiting on me in the morning. I add my cream, ice, and straw and drink away in the morning. Have to have coffee.


I take a shower and try and go to bed at a decent time. 

Monday - Thursday: I wake up around 6:30 am, get my coffee, that is perfectly cold, and get out all of the things I got together the night before, out of the fridge. I get my bag ready, with whatever breakfast I can throw together (usually Noosa yogurt, almonds, and a banana) and my water cup. I never leave home with out my water cup, my students actually comment about my large, Tervis cup and how they never see me without it. Must have coffee. Must have water.

I put Delilah's milk and cereal by the couch and go get dressed and do makeup. Sometimes I will do my hair. sometimes. 

After I am done getting ready, I go and start my car. I load everything in there before Delilah, that way I can minimize my chances of spilling my perfectly made coffee. I may have tried juggling 3 bags, a baby, keys, and coffee at one point, only realizing I do not have go-go-gadget arms and I helplessly had to choose between my baby or my coffee. Baby won.

It is around 7:00 am, I go and start picking out Delilah's clothes. This helps gets her stirring and I don't have to shake my baby awake. I have already turned on Sesame Street, so the ever so quiet voice of Elmo is enough to get Delilah up and she usually smiles and says "bird" points to her mobile, we hit touch it a few times and we go in the living room. I get her dressed and then we are off around 7:20 am or so.

I drop her off at daycare around 7:30 am and am at work usually by 7:45 am. 

It is so hard leaving this girl.

I live ridiculously close to my job and Delilah's daycare. I am lucky and now spoiled with my "commute".

I get off at 3:45 pm and will sometimes go home to get dinner ready. If the crock pot hasn't already cooked it ;) Sometimes I will go run to HEB and get something we have ran out of, sans baby. Or most of the time, I will be so ready to see Delilah, I will just go straight and pick her up.

We come home and I give her a snack, we play outside for a bit. Around 5:00 pm, I start cooking, which is terribly stressful because Delilah feels the need to play and sit right under my feet. 

We eat around 6:30 pm.

Byron gives her a bath, we love Tubby Todd bath wash and lotion, its the best! I clean up and start getting ready for the next day.

After bath, we play for a bit, then its time for books. (Here is a list of books Delilah still loves, I should do an update.) We read about 3-5 books a night, they are on rotation. When I would rather give myself paper cuts with the books than read them one more time, it is time for a switch. After books Delilah gives her kisses and we go sing and I rock with her. Delilah is usually asleep by 7:30 pm.

I am usually asleep by 9:30 pm. 

Friday: So Friday is pretty much the exact same thing as the rest of the week. Only, after we come home from day care in the afternoon, I immediately throw Delilah's nap map, blanket, and "bookie" in the wash. That way I don't have to mess with it on Sunday. And I grab a beer. Preferably a seasonal Shiner. 

And, instead of going to sleep at 9:30 pm, we may be wild and stay up until 11:00 pm. 

There you have it! Our weekly routine! 

I hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Loved reading this! I am also a working mom (and a teacher!) and our days sound very similar! The weeks fly by & we live for the weekends!!!

  2. Exactly!! We have already starting saying, "Only 9 more Modays left!" Thank you for your comment :)

  3. Thanks for giving us a rundown of your routine! One can only imagine the difficulty you're going through as a working mom. Of course, I'm so proud of you for getting through all of that down like a boss. Anyway, Delilah is the most adorable little girl ever. Thanks for sharing that, Sarah! All the best to your lovely family! :)

    Waylon Grimm @ All Force Labour Solutions

    1. Thank you so much Waylon! That means a lot!