Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break Day 5 - Momma's Day Out

Technically, it was more like Momma's Morning Out, but I will take it! I complain all the time about not ever getting time to myself and it is so funny, because when I am actually able to get away from my little one, all I can think and talk about is her! The first thirty minutes are usually me worrying about Delilah hurting herself, falling in a hole, and many other irrational thoughts, then the next thirty minutes are spent laughing and recalling little things she does that are just oh so cute, and after about an hour after I leave, I am finally able to relax and get on with my time.

I met a friend I grew up with, and we went to a neat little Italian place in North Austin. Had a glass of bubbles, ate way too much bread, and we talked and laughed and caught up. It was great!

I wish I had more time to get together with everyone but those times that we are able to meet are always so much fun. I feel like myself again. 

We also have some more friends coming into town today! Its getting busy over here! They are traveling from Fort Worth and bringing Jack, their 22 month old son. Delilah and Jack don't know this yet, but they are destined to be the cutest couple. We have a friend we went to college with graduating from the Austin Police Academy, so we will all be going to see him graduate. Congratulations Officer Danny!

The graduation just happens to be at 7. Which is usually Delilah's bath time. Which is then followed by bed time. It is a 2 hour graduation. Please, keep us in your thoughts ;)

In other Spring News:

Delilah's grandparents bought her a little slide and she was so excited when she saw it! I am not sure why, but there are millions of those damn mosquito hawks (that is what we call those big, annoying, long legged things) everywhere! We have to hurry up and close the door when we come into the house, otherwise 5 will be let in to meet their death. So, while Byron was putting the slide together, Delilah was being swarmed by those things, and she kept saying "No! No, rurrerfly!" I felt bad for the kid, and I wish is was that easy to get them to go away! Only a few more months until the real mosquitos get here, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

She was sitting on the slide and kept saying "Its stuck." 

Guess what happened next? Delilah looked over at me and said "Mommy, foot. Mommy, step. Mommy slide."

I couldn't say no. Almost got stuck. Hips are wider than the slide. But somehow managed to "slide" down. We had one happy girl.

Oh, and you better bet she spilled an entire bottle of bubbles down that slide. Yep.

Side note: I am so excited about Easter! We already have all of Delilah's presents for her basket, we just have to get some eggs and candy. 

I hope everyone has a great day! Sorry about this random post, so many thoughts, such little time!


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