Sunday, March 29, 2015

Austin Rodeo

As we were wondering what we were going to do for the day, this was happening:

Delilah apparently loves a Chai Tea Latte ;) 

(Look at that hair! I can't even handle her cuteness sometimes.)

Byron had a great idea, Austin Rodeo! We packed up lunches, water, juice, the usual suspects and hit the road.

Delilah is loving all types of animals, especially farm animals. Horsey, pigs, cows oh my. I had a feeling she would get to see at least one of her new favorite animals.

At one point in the day, my hair was actually done, sort of. But since the wind has been strong enough to push over a cow, it went up. 

The highlight of her day: the pig! And in true Delilah fashion, she was yelling "no, no pig!", not sure what the pig did, but apparently it needed to stop.

She was able to see all the animals she has been talking about and seeing on her favorite shows. I am loving this age and loving experiencing life all over again, through the eyes of my baby. 

We left right in time, before shit hit the fan. Probably goat or llama shit, since walking around the petting zoo is basically like walking through a giant litter box. No meltdowns. No crying. Just a great morning. 

Added bonus, Delilah dressing herself this morning. She topped off this look with her new cowboy hat.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. If you are in the central Texas area, I wont judge you if you want to walk around with goggles on. I may. So windy.


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