Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Break Day 3 - bubbles, bubbles, more bubbles

We have got a bubble lover over here. If Delilah said "bubbles" one time, she said it 1,238 times. I am going to have to buy a super pack for the summer time, since more bubbles actually end up on the floor than in their lovely, iridescent final form.

Bubbles, are now also our new form of motivation. Bribe, motivator, whatever you want to call it :)

Believe it or not, she can actually blow them, and it is so cute to watch! A mess, but cute. She really loves wearing anything that she can twirl in, and when I got home from the dentist, my Mom had her in this little slip. 

My crazy sweet little prairie girl.

Welcome to Delilah's Hair Salon

More bugs. 

Bubble time!

Sadly, my mom, niece, and nephew are leaving tomorrow. I am not sure what Delilah is going to do. They have been entertaining her and keeping her going! We will miss you Ryan and Rylee :) And Granny of course.

We are having friends come into town Friday and then a birthday party on Sunday, so we will still have plenty to do before this Spring Break is over and we are back to reality. 

I hope you all have a great day!


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