Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Few Things I have Learned from 8th Graders

For those of you who don't know, I am an inclusion Educational Associate at a middle school. It is different everyday and I am reminded, almost too often, of the horror of being in middle school. With that being said, here are a few things I have learned in my short time of working at a school, from 8th graders.

1. My eyebrows are too thin. Yep, according to a young, doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut, 8th grader, my eye brows need to be thicker. Thanks, I will now be looking in the mirror thinking, "Well, are they too thin?".

2. Being a teenager, is the worst age, ever. You are helplessly self conscious, grossly self-absorbed, and would rather be caught itching your ass, than be caught making a 97 on a test.

3. Being a teenager is the time when you need support the most. Someone to see the hard work you are putting in, the effort in making a good decision, and having someone care. I strive to be this for all of the kids I work with. 

4. I look young, and "so much better" with glasses. Once again, middle school is the most brutal time for many. I have found myself back there, but this time I know what to do. Fight fire with fire, yep thats right, you throw it right back at them. Show no weakness! "Miss, why did you get a tattoo on the back of your ear?" "I don't know, why is your head so big?" They like you better when you are mean to them. Weird.

5. As frustrating as it can be working in a middle school, I can say that I absolutely love it. These kids crack me up and deep down, I know that what they are saying is coming from a good place. Sometimes.

6. CD's are no longer called CDs. Nor are they called albums. I am very uncool for asking a student, "Do you have that CD?".

7. Also, Facebook is for old people. Only old people check Facebook, "Facebook is like MySpace, for real, it's all about that Instagram."

8. Although, they act like they know everything. They don't. So naive. So funny. 

"Miss, have you ever had that Crown?" (As in Crown Royal) "Nope, don't even know what that is."

"Miss, did you go out to the club and drink on your 21st birthday?" "Nope. I've never had a drink. I stayed home and studied." "Man, teachers are so straight. They don't do anything."

Ha. Haha. Hahaha.
Silly, silly children.

9. You can make a teenager do anything, and I mean anything, if there is gum, cheetos, or other snacks involved. I have gotten students who say coloring a map is hard work and too hard, to write a freaking dissertation on genetics and natural selection, when I say there are Takis involved. Ok Im kidding about the last part, but seriously, they will work for food. 

10. Miss. Miss. Miss. Every student calls you Miss, no matter what. 

11. My hair is a little out of control sometimes. A student actually came up to me and hit the side of my head and said" What is going on here?" Pointing out a messup in my up do. Thanks. Thanks a lot. I have worked on getting my self esteem back up for 20 years thanks to the damage that was caused the first time I was in middle school. Here we go again ;)

In other news, here is Delilah shopping. I mean, could this child be any cuter? 

We are having a "snow" day tomorrow! Everyone stay warm and have a great Thursday! Me and Delilah will be staring at each other. Wondering what to do. 

(but I will love every minute of it)

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