Thursday, March 12, 2015

Delilah's Not so Nursery-Nursery

Ok. I titled this post Delilah's Not so Nursery-Nursery, but after looking at the pictures, it still looks like a nursery. Whew. She is still my baby ;)

I am constantly moving things around and adding to her room. We got rid of the changing table a few months ago. We honestly weren't using it too much anymore, and since diaper changes now resemble a minor league wrestling match, we decided it would be safer to change her on the ground. 

I wanted Delilah to have a little spot to hang out and I love the way her little nook came together.  She will grab her books and go sit in her rocking chair, underneath her tree ;)

For her birthday, we will be getting her a teepee and I think it will fit perfectly there. My brother gave me an amazing African blanket that will be making its debut in her room as soon as the teepee is up. Pretty excited about that!

I try to not have too many knick-knacks on the shelves, but I am to ready to take down anything that is up there. I really want the shelves to be a little more functional, but I will find something to use them for, eventually. I also need something on the wall by her crib, no idea. Not a one.

My mom made her the night light and we tell the little bunny "night night" every night. Pretty cute stuff!

I have debated on when to put her in a big girl bed, but we have decided to wait just a little bit longer. I already have the bed picked out, don't you worry.

It has been really fun transitioning her room as she grows up. And it makes me so happy when she plays or notices something that it is in there. I spent so many months getting her room together and I remember sitting in the rocker, very pregnant, crying as I imagined our little baby growing up in her room. Each item was thoughtfully placed and chosen, some things were bought, many things were made, all for this wild little girl. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!


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