Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Break Day 4

Well, poor Delilah is in culture shock now that the house is empty. I tried to keep her mind off not having "Rylan, Rylee, and Gonny" here, so went shopping for flowers and some shorts for myself!

We went to Whole Foods for lunch, which was great, until.... Whole Foods Meltdown of 2015. Holy shit. It's all fun and games until another kid wants to play in the car on the playground. We quickly left and Delilah fell asleep and I questioned my decision to push on to that last stop and regained my pride once we got home.

I tried getting my little well behaved angel to take a nap once we got home. Failed. So we went to the local flower shop and Home Depot to pick up soil. 

My little helper watched very diligently as I started putting dirt in the pots. She blew spilled most of her bubbles, then got in on the action. 

Then I got the hose out. She. Was. Amazed. She said water about 561 times, and I am convinced she thought she was making the water come out. She said, "bye-bye wader" and I shut it off. It was a magical moment for her ;)

This has been such a great week. I am really looking forward to the summer time and watching Delilah run around naked in a diaper and soaking up everything the summer has to offer!


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