Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day Care Lunch Box

As promised, I have gathered a weeks worth of Delilah's lunches for day care. I have realized a few things:
1. My child eats a lot of cheese.
2. I cook a lot of chicken.
3. I could not live with out the bento boxes for her lunch bag.

Her daycare provides snacks, but I usually pack enough where she will finish what she hasn't eaten for lunch, for a snack. 

I always bring her a pre breakfast snack, usually cereal in one of our reusable bags, string cheese, or an orange. 

And I always bring her a snack for when I pick her up, she is always so hungry! That is usually a mango squeezy or her favorite, Pea Crisps. Never have I heard smacking that is so cute ;)

We label everything with our name labels and put it into her ever-so-cute lunch bag

Here is Delilah's Breakfast and Lunch for a week:

{Pea Crisps, Dip, Salami, Cheese, String Cheese} {Blueberries, Waffle}

{Leftover Broccoli Cheese Casserole, Fried Chicken, Yogurt Raisins} {Blueberries, French Toast Stick and Whipped Cream. Just Because}

{Leftover Balsamic Chicken (she loves it), Mac & Cheese, Fruit Snacks} {Berries, Yogurt, and Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel (minus the icing, because she doesn't like it)}

{Ham, Alouette Cheese, Pea Crisps, Pretzel} {Strawberries, Orange, and Blueberry Pancakes}

{Leftover Mac & Cheese, Brussel Sprouts, BabyBel, Fruit Snacks} {Strawberries, Orange, and Cottage Cheese}

There are a few things Delilah has never really liked: Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Jelly, and Peanut Butter. Otherwise, I am sure a PB&J would be making an appearance or two ;)

Mac & Cheese is my go to with Delilah. I know it may sound terrible, but when I cook something I know she won't be eating, I will make this for her as a side. Apparently, I cooked a lot she didn't like this week.

I really feel like she is a good eater, when she actually eats ;) I try and make each meal of hers as well balanced as possible, but there are those nights when nothing seems to be going right, and I hand her a piece of bread, because for some reason, the dinner I have made 79 times before, that she loved, is not good and requires not only a "no", but an eye roll-glance over the shoulder-turn of head-I am disgusted that you put this in front of my face look.

A few other items that I include are:
Pasta Salad
Cheese Quesadilla (A huge hit)
Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla RollUp
Any shredded meat (Pork, Chicken, Beef)
Cinnamon Toast
French Toast
Green Beans
Beets (Just boiled)

One more thing! Her daycare was really great with working with me and telling me what she ate and what she didn't. For example, she was eating the hell out of cucumbers at home, so I figured I would put them in her lunch. Ha. Nope. They said that she threw them on the floor.   Shit. They gently told me that cucumbers weren't really needed and I could probably skip them. So that is how I got more comfortable making her lunches.

Well, there you have it! Making her lunch/breakfast was once a stressful part of my day, but now, it has become so routine and it usually only take 5 minutes at the most. I am finding that having a well stocked fridge and pantry makes a huge difference. 

I hope everyone enjoys the little bit of the week that is left, yay!


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