Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

Lately, it is very strange when we have a free weekend. We have been so busy it seems, so this weekend we spent a lot of time just sitting around staring at each other, thinking about what we were going to do. Delilah was feeling spunky and I quickly determined that we are going to have to start planning little adventures on those few, free weekends that we do have. 

Byron spent the majority of the weekend playing Diablo and trying to get a gecko out of the house. I remember those days, before we lived together, when I was in an apartment in downtown San Marcos. I loved that place, and wish I had taken more pictures of it. My memories will just have to do! Well, in central Texas there is a time of year where crickets take over everything. It. Is. Disgusting. They are loud and jump anytime you try to catch them. And lord help me if one would have flown in my hair. Well, when there would be some in my apartment, I would grab a couple bowls and quickly plop one down over the cricket. Worked like a charm! Then, when Byron would come over, he would do the dirty work. It was so funny the first time he saw what was going on, he just asked "Why do you have 5 bowls on your living room floor?" Well Byron, I am so glad you asked ;)

We took Delilah to a park in Georgetown and had fun looking at all of the pecan trees and the little creek with the fish. She wasn't too interested in the playscape so we just walked around for a bit and when her face was beet red, decided it was time to go. We have a new BBQ place down the road and decided to try it out. It was really good! I love how Delilah loves BBQ! And mac and cheese :)

Baby relax time. The 3rd time Delilah has ever cuddled. ;)

Delilah is officially waving at everybody. And everything for that matter. It initially started with her Papa, and now a person can't walk by without Delilah excitedly waving her hands around. When I go in to get her from a nap, that is the first thing she does, wave hi.

Her jibber jabber is also cracking me up. "Dobe daaaa do." That is one of my favorites. Watching her try and communicate is priceless.

Music is lighting up her life, her favorite is at dinner time when we are all watching her. She will start clicking her mouth the bang on the table like a drum. Her Dad soon joins with singing or clapping and the I start chiming in and dancing around. Family band? I think so.

Look at this plant go!

When you have read Five Silly Monkeys so many times you can read it without looking while trying to get a picture of Delilah's face in a monkey.

All in all it was a successful weekend! I hope everyone has a great week!

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