Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things I have Learned this Week & Delilah's First Curl

It has ben a while since I posted about Delilah. She has finally gotten over the cold that she had, and then....the husband got it. We have been knee deep in Kleenex around here, and I have somehow avoided the cold. I am going to say that it was the Zicam and Cold Calm that really pulled through for me this time. These past couple of weeks you could catch Byron walking around with Kleenex, scaring Delilah every time he sneezed and blew his nose, me dissolving tablets in my mouth, trying not to drink anything for 15 minutes at a time, and Delilah walking around jibber jabbering about who knows what. 

I have learned a lot these past couple of weeks, and yes, I will be glad to share some them with you ;)

1. Having a sick baby is the worst. I will know for next time to stock up on movies I haven't gotten to see the past two years, maybe start a journal, and make enough food for dinner for a week. Trying to juggle cooking and a sick baby is like a circus, a very bad, I don't ever want to do it again circus.

2. Having a sick husband is equally, if not more horrible, than having a sick baby. I found myself loosing patience with Byron every time he asked me where the Afrin was. In the same place it was the last time you used it, nearly shaking the house down coughing, scaring our baby, and not putting it back where it is supposed to be in the first place. Next time, I will get all of the medicine he will need and put it in a basket, next to the bed, with a sign that reads "You can only talk to me about being sick if it is an absolute emergency. Everything you need is in this basket."

3. Giving Delilah a box of straws was the best thing I have ever done. She kept busy (and quiet) for 15 minutes. I had dinner almost completely done before the silence was interrupted by me cussing out the rice and Delilah getting her hand stuck in the cabinet. Straws. Do it.

4. Not to worry about the mess in the living room, caused by the baby tornado, the mess at the kitchen table, caused by baby Nolan Ryan (Yes, that is how out of date I am with my baseball reference), or the pile of clothes that needs to be put away, and spending just 30 minutes with my husband, made for a great night. 

5. A mom has no time to be sick. And thank goodness this cold graciously decided not to ruin my day.

6. A mom may never have a clean set of clothes one, despite all of her measures. Same applies with baby.

7. Sometimes, putting on Baby Einstein during the Shit Show hours, is ok and needed, to ensure mental soundness of the mother.

8. Yes, that is shit on my pinky finger, and no, it won't be the last time some bodily fluid lands on my body. Thank you Bath & Body Works for your wonderfully smelling soap. If you don't already, buy yourself some soap, they always have a deal going on and for a moment, just a small moment, when you are washing your hands, you will smell a lovely smell and you will take a nosevacation.

9. You have to eat! I have found myself this week not feeling very good and super run down. I realized that yesterday, I only had 1/2 a sandwich. Then it dawned on me, "Sarah, you are f*ing hungry. Pull it together."

10. Having a one year old it the funniest thing in the whole wide world. I love dinner time when we are all sitting together and Delilah quickly becomes the life of the party. She is so funny and this age is awesome. Tough. And nearly impossible at times. But awesome. And hilarious. Have I mentioned she is funny? Her laugh gets me every time, so sweet.

11. Shopping has never been more fun than now. I love shopping for her, even though sometimes I look around and think about all of the things I have not bought for myself. However, Delilah is the proud owner of katarina and I can not wait until it comes in the mail!

12. Deflection. I have been trying this when Delilah decides to freak out and scream when she can't do something she wants. It's been working great, but Im sure once she figures out what I'm doing, game over. But, until then, LOOK! Squirrel!

13. One nap is not all that bad! She is still transitioning and I never know if she is going to take one nap or two, but I have to say that I think Im going to like it! It is so much easier getting her down for one nap, and on those days that I once dreaded, when she takes only one, getting her to bed is a piece of cake. I probably just screwed up everything typing this, but it is something I am looking forward to now.

I love how she is starting to play so well by herself, she sat like his for a good 5 minutes. So proud of herself.

Loved. The. Straws.

Let's go Byebye!

And you better let me get there by myself. So independent!

I got this rocker out to give it away, she loves it! 

Im not sure you can see it, but if you look closely on the top of her head, you will see her very first curl! It took me about 345 tries to get a picture, so this is the best out of the bunch. But this is a very special day for my bubblehead (bald) baby!


Have a great day everyone!

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