Thursday, May 8, 2014

Favorite Things: NoseFrida

Delilah thankfully hasn't had too many colds, all though this last one was pretty rough, ending with an antibiotic and an ear infection. We made it through! When she was 2 months old she got her very first runny/stuffy nose. I tried and tried to figure out the aspirator, I even went as far as googling videos, just in case I was doing something wrong. I thought there had to be a better way to get the snot out of a baby's nose. Well everybody, there is! NoseFrida!

I absolutely love this product, and would buy it a million times over again. I will admit, it is a little weird and icky, but like I mentioned before, once you become a mom, you are sort of immune to these things. And if it meant a happier baby, or more importantly a more rested baby, I was in. I gave it an open mind and bought it, under $15 I might add, at this store. (I am now seeing it at every baby store I go into.) I went ahead and bought the filters as well. I am glad I did.

The first handful of times I used NoseFrida, I did not use saline solution with it. I honestly think it works fine if you don't use saline. I didn't notice any more snot in the tube, and honestly it is another step that requires wrangling your baby. When I did use the saline, it made the snot thinner, naturally, and cause it to run all the way up to the filter. Hence, the reason I was glad I had bought more. So, I will not be using saline with the NoseFrida from here on out.

Delilah, surprisingly, does pretty well with the process. When she is super congested, I lay her down on her changing table. I let her look at the NoseFrida and if she wants to hold it, I let her. I think it makes it less scary for her and less intrusive. My husband thinks I am crazy for letting her play with it, but it becomes familiar to her and in return easier for me. 

I put the red mouthpiece in my mouth, and position myself behind her head. That way if I am by myself, which I usually am, I can hold her head with my forearms and the NoseFrida with my hands. That position also allows me to have one free hand if I need to hold one of her arms down. It sounds a lot more complicated and scary than it actually is. It literally takes all of 2 minutes and you're done! 

Once we are in position, I place the tip of the tube in her nose and start sucking. I will admit, you need a little bit of lung power, but while you're sucking it helps if you move the tube around. You will immediately see snot come up into the tube, don't worry about snot getting into your mouth, I think it is physically impossible. Once you are done with one side, move to the next. You will be amazed at what all comes out of your baby nose. Delilah will immediately be able to breath and is instantly in a better mood. 

I tell everybody about this product, because it is that good. You just have to get over the fact that you are literally sucking snot out, but if by some chance, you get anything in your mouth, I think you will need to come up with a super hero name because you have super human powers. 

After we are finished, Delilah goes and plays and I wash out the NoseFrida. During a cold, I will just wash out the tube with water, making sure I get everything out and let it dry until the next use. At the end of the day I wash it with her bottles and set it on the rack to dry. Once I know we will not be using it for a while, I clean all of the parts with alcohol and replace the filter. Easy peasy.

The NoseFrida has been one of our Favorite Things for 9 months and counting!

 Please note, I am not paid to review any of these items, and that everything I say is my own opinion.

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