Monday, May 5, 2014

A Wedding Weekend

So this weekend was a wedding of a friend, my husband has known him for 20+ years. It marks the first night away from the baby, well not all night, but a few hours at least. 

It was beautiful and the happy couple exchanged their rings as the sun was setting, to the shrieks and coos of our little darling baby! 

Her grandparents took her home after everyone ate dinner and my husband and I naturally danced the night away. I didn't realize how much we needed that night, if it was for only a few hours. I realized how serious our relationship had gotten. This night not only started a new life for the newly married couple, but also gave us the refresher we needed, as well.

This weekend also marks the first hangover I have had in over a year. Did NOT miss that.

I have been too uptight about letting anyone watch Delilah, and I think it is time to let go a little bit. Out of anyone in the world, her grandparents, all four, love her as much as we do and will take care of her. I would not trade any of the time I have spent with Delilah but I now know how important it is to take time for my relationship. We had so much fun and the only thing we worried about was which drink what song was going to play next and what new, sweet dance move we were going to come up with. We. Cut. A. Rug.

Congratulations Kevin + Lacey!

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