Monday, January 19, 2015

Delilah's 18 Month Update

Well, today Delilah is 18 months old. That means in 6 months, I will officially have toddler and I will no longer have to count the months, she will just be 2, all year long. Sounds good to me!

 Delilah is nearly obsessed with Elmo. It is crazy how much Sesame Street she watches. We really try and limit her TV/iPad time, but you better bet, when we turn on the TV, its "Melmo? Melmo!" Abby Cadabby is another favorite, she smiles anytime Abby shows up. Delilah is starting to sing, and it could not be any cuter! No matter what kind of day I am having, the moment she starts humming, I smile and feel so much happiness!

Our nightly routine is pretty much the same everyday: dinner, play, bath, books, then bed. After I read her about 8 books, she says goodnight to whoever is around, gives kisses, and we go to the rocker in her room. I sing the same songs almost every night, All About that Bass, All of Me, then either Silent Night or Royals, whichever I am feeling. Well, last night she started singing with me, it was awesome! I was doing good not smiling, until we got to a part in All of Me, where she knew the song! I could not help but to smile and laugh, and once we both gained our composure back, she snuggled in and finally shut her eyes. I cannot wait to her her talk more and hear more of this singing!

She is like a little parrot, repeats everything! Looks like we will have to start replacing the bad words, I may or not say, about 27 times a day. Should be interesting.

Delilah's Vocabulary: Melmo (Elmo), Bapple (Apple), Sus (Shoes), Bye, Hi, Dog, Cold, Hot, Lilah, Dad, Mom, Lereal (Cereal), Duce (Juice), Milk, Eat, Bread, Ouch, All done, No, and the list keeps on growing! She is also extremely expressive and uses her hands to communicate, she even signs many of these words!

She is a pretty chill lady, for the most part. She does not like to fall, ask for help, when other kids cut in front of her.

She loves to sit in laps, help in the kitchen, draw, dance and is really starting to play well by herself. We got her a Belle's Cottage and Little People Disney Princesses and she talks to them, kisses them, tells them "No No!", its pretty funny to watch.

Sleep is still touch and go, she overall sleeps all night, but has the occasional middle of the night wake up, something I am sure will continue. Luckily, putting her to bed has made a huge change for the better and isn't the most stressful part of the day anymore, which is nice!

I am sure we are entering the tantrum and freak out stage pretty soon, it is sort of starting to happen, but we are taking each day at a time. I can't believe how much this girl has grown and developed. It is the best thing to get slobbery kisses from her and see her facial expressions when she doesn't like something. I loved her being an itty bitty baby, but I am absolutely loving this age, most of the time ;)

Have a great day!


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