Monday, May 25, 2015

Delilah Gets a Fish

Delilah has a thing with animals, I mean what almost 2 year old doesn't? We have, a very big and rambunctious dog, Rebar. Delilah loves pointing outside and saying, "No, No Rebar" when he is barking. And really enjoys the occasional, and I mean like once or month or so, meeting with Rebar. 

Needless to say, I am not ready for another animal, even though I am trying to talk Byron into getting a cat for Delilah, I know, Im crazy. I am having a hard time getting everyone fed, and dressed, so why add another animal to the mix.

Everyday, when we leave Delilah's school, she points and stops and says hi to everyone of the fish they have in their fish tank. It's cute. For the first 2 minutes. I literally have to pry her away from the fish tank and bribe her with something just to get in the car. Once she is ok with our terms, she then has to point and say "Byebye fish, see you later" to every one of the fish. 

Well, we ended up winning a lottery basket from Delilah's school, won $40. Delilah ended up with strep throat and another ear infection. So, the only logically thing to do was buy a fish ;)

She loves it and I am sure it will have a name, one day!

Delilah sat through her first parade, saw Chuck Norris, and decided she is not a frozen yogurt fan. 

Not loving the loud music. 

Hanging out watching Frozen after we got back from the doctor. Strep. Yuck.

Loving broccoli cheese soup ;)

Being cute at school.

Stay tuned for more cuteness with a recap of this weekend. We remember and thank everyone who has served this country. Home of the free because of the brave. 

Thank you.


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