Thursday, September 11, 2014

New York Trip 2014

I am sad and excited about being home from such an awesome trip to New York to visit my brother. We literally never stopped moving and Delilah could not have done any better. We stayed in an apartment in Bushwick, which is right outside of Brooklyn, and we were able to visit Callicoon, the Hamptons, and Montauk. One day, we drove 950 miles, it was nuts! The trip lasted about 8 days, a little more for Delilah and me due to the fact we stayed with my parents in Houston a couple days. Here are the highlights from our trip!

1. The Subway: I made the mistake of standing a little too close when the train flew by, my hair blew and I just about had a heart attack. There is one speed when traveling by train: fast. Luckily, the first time I used the Metro card there was no one really around and was able to practice and get the hang of it before rush hour in Manhattan. We saw a doo-wap band singing their hearts out, a sax player blowing to his content, and a horn and drum duo that amazed everyone! Delilah did amazingly well on the subway, making eye contact and making whoever came in eyes view smile. The richest of rich, poorest of poor, it didn't matter. They all smiled and enjoyed her sweet personality, for the moment in between stops and the daily bustle. Also, when the train doors close, you better hold on tight! 

Delilah's face in this picture!

2. My Brothers: I have two brothers, one is younger and one is older. We have been able to see each other about once a year now, since Delilah was born, and it has been great! I miss them so much and being able to hang out was amazing. We had a ton of great laughs, I miss them already. Delilah loves her uncles, but she was giving my younger brother, Michael, a run for his money. Not sure what it was about him, but she would look at him with those eyebrows and smooched face. It was hilarious.

3. Apple Picking: We were on our way to Montauk, where we were able to swim at the beach for a minute, and the GPS took us on a little detour, well usually it is annoying, but not this time! We stumbled upon an apple orchard and it was amazing! Delilah rode in a wagon, picked her own blueberries, and we had some of the best apples I have ever tasted. There were only 2 types of apples ready to be picked, but that was fine by us!

4. Walking around site seeing: We walked through all of the major spots in New York City, and it was a lot. Not one day went buy where we didn't leave the apartment before 8 and come back after 8. We were so tired! Chinatown, Little Italy, Williamsburg, SoHo, the Empire State building, Time Square, oh my! We had to make a stop so I could buy some tennis shoes, my cute little stripy sandals did me dirty, really dirty. After about mile 3, I literally thought my feet would fall off.

Momma's new shoes, Delilah's new shoes ;)

Central Park

At the largest book store in the city. Yes, my baby is wearing nothing but a diaper and New Balance in public. At this point, I can't even remember why this happened. 

Empire State Building

Times Square

The biggest store ever! Macys!

5. NYC Food: There were a few things I just had to eat when we were in the city. To name a few: hot dog, pizza, chinese delivery (thanks to Sex and the City), bagel, cronut. There were also many delicious surprises, for example the chocolate ravioli at Chelsea Market. Oh my they were goooooood! The last night we were there we had Korean BBQ in Koreatown, so good and me and Micheal got to share one two bottles of sake. The first night we were there, we went to a really great place with delicious mac and cheese, a three bean salad, and an aged 30 oz ribeye. Ridiculous! I thought I would come back weighing 20 lbs heavier, but nope! All that walking did me good ;)

Casey and his $50 worth of chocolate! Whoops!

A nectarine from Union Square Farmers Market.

Delilah's first taste of NYC pizza, I think she liked it ;)

Eating an award winning donut from Brooklyn!

My $10 Coconut Lime water at the best jerk chicken restaurant!

Dominique Ansel Bakery, where the Cronut was invented. Yes, it was delicious.

Loving spinach and artichoke dip from a french restaurant!

6. Callicoon, NY: This is where my brother is living now. He works on a farm and lives in a really nice barn and it was amazing. I think this part of our trip was the biggest surprise for me. It was so neat to see how excited he was to show us his new life there, and I was impressed to say the least. I am so proud of Michael and loved sharing that space with him. We swam in the Delaware River, which was amazingly refreshing, and ate at one of the best restaurants. I think I had the best chicken I have ever eaten, Delilah chomped down on some beets, to which the chef stated, "She likes the earth." My heart melted.

Delilah loving the piano, giving herself applause!

Spending this much time with my family was amazing. I am so glad we are lucky enough to be able to see each other, since we all live so far away. Saying goodbye this time was so hard, but I am reminded about how important family is and how much I love mine. I cannot wait until next year, when Carpenter Family Vacation 2015 commences! 

 The entire time we were there, we never got a family picture. This once cracks me up, I have no idea how to use the panoramic camera, my Dad's and Michael's faces are all contorted, we were hot, hungry, and tired. I love you guys!

Stay tuned for tips on traveling with a baby!

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