Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Delilah 14 Month Update

In just a few weeks, Delilah will be 15 months old. I am going to do a 14 month update, just to make sure I don't make time go any faster than it already is! 

Delilah is starting to turn into her own little person, sometimes Byron and I can't believe how grown up she is starting to look! She walks around this house with a plan, and you better not get in her way! She is starting to talk a lot more, my personal favorite is when she sees a picture of herself, "Lilah"! She loves dropping things and exclaiming, "Uh oh!" and when she isn't overly excited about something, "ohhh noooooo!". I can not wait to understand what all that jibber jabber is really about and what she is really trying to say! However, sometimes I am sure I will not want to know ;)

Her favorite thing right now is books! Holy cow! We literally read her entire library, which is well over 20 books by the way, about 38 times each. We will be in the living room and she will get up, march to her room, and grab a book off the shelf, and then bring it to me to read to her! We just got "Beautiful Oops" and she loves it! Also, "The Wide-Mouthed Frog" is a book worth getting, I chase her around with the pop-up alligator, I will do just about anything to hear her sweet, genuine little laugh. :)

She is eating so well these days! And will only eat with a fork or spoon, and actually gets food in her mouth! If I try to help, she shakes her head. Loves her fruit and pork! Ham, pork chops, carnitas, bacon, if it comes from a pig, she loves it! I make it a point to feed her what we eat, even when we are out in restaurants, she eats off my plate. Sometimes I am amazed at what this girl eats!

Loving the tomato dipped in pesto ;)

She loves drinking water and gets so excited when I give her a cup of it! She wants to drink whatever I do and when Granny is around, gets loads of sweet tea, which she loves! I finally found a milk alternative that she will drink, Vanilla Almond milk! This one for the win! She is still breastfeeding before nap and bed and I wanted to give her something in the morning besides water, the child makes the worst face at milk and actually shivers in discontent! Hilarious, yes, but I was on a search and finally found something! She drinks a yogurt drink before bed and loves every second of drinking it out of a straw!

She loves playing outside and picking off the petals of whatever flower she can find! We have found out that she is not a fan of bugs being around her and especially on her! My little prissy lady!

Words cannot describe how much I love this baby! Sometimes I look at her and see such a big girl, and then other times she looks so little and innocent. 

She is so independent and gets frustrated if she cannot do something, but you better bet that she will try and try until she succeeds! 

Watching her dance is one of my favorites things in the world! She will hit the couch like a drum and start singing whatever little tune is in her head, I wish I knew the song she was trying to sing!

When her dad gets home from work is probably one of her happiest times in the day, and my heart almost bursts when I hear them singing and drumming during her bath, which is always followed by playtime/wrestling with pjs/putting lotion on time, and I hear the loveliest belly laugh!

Delilah you are growing up so fast, but forever my baby you'll be.

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